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History of Brasart Bonteay Srey


Banteay Srei in Khmer is called a temple of strong women or citadel of Women. The temple was heavily adorned with very intricate carvings and because of this exquisite design and pattern that surrounds the temple, we were inspired to preserve the history through fabric, clothing and accessories collections.

We hope that this design to be timeless and carry the history of our culture, and be the forever symbol of strong women of Cambodia. 



Kieth is a skein of silk which weavers tie for dyeing, in English called kieth. Khmer weavers have their own special technique to do that. White kieth was first dyed with red, as I explained in Part I , then with yellow and lastly with blue.

   To tie the kieth , we use young banana sheath, but today it has been replaced by nylon. There are some organizations still preserving this technique, for example the Institute for Traditional Khmer Textile located in Siem Reap. According to Khmer superstition, people believe this kind of banana tree cannot be planted near their houses.