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Our Fair Trade Values

SentoSaSilk is ethical and passionate with decency and commitment .

 We are

  • Creating Opportunities for Economically Disadvantaged Producers. Our main purpose is to create more jobs and bring thousands of families out of poverty.
  • Operating business with most Transparency and Accountability.  We are legally registered and we maintain proper documentations and records. Our management system is transparent and our staffs are part of the decision makers of the company.
  • Operating with full concerns to our staffs, and the wellbeing of our suppliers, and whole business network under the umbrella of SentoSaSilk.  We are concern with environmental well-being of marginalized small producers and do not maximize profit at their expense.
  • Paying a fair price to producers and the producers are the one giving us the suggested price that is most fair them, and we follow labor laws strictly.
  • Ensuring of NO child labor and NO forced labor. 
  • Committed to non discrimination, gender equity and freedom of association
  • Ensuring  good working  conditions at all times with decency and pride for our staffs, workers and grassroots.
  • Providing capacity building and training for our staffs. We are sending them to different countries, workshops and training.  We keep developing and enhancing the skills or our artisans and staffs through technical training.
  • Always joining the promoting of fair trade in Cambodia, and supporting to fund some activities as needed.
  • Highly supporting  and respecting  our environment. Our culture and our people and promote their welfare.
  • Supporting the Cambodian Women Entrepreneurs Association and assist them to enable them serve more women entrepreneurs to get connected and increase their business network.