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Production capacity

  • From 1 set to 50 sets à two weeks
  • From 51 set to 100 sets à Three weeks
  • From 101 set to 500 sets à Four to six weeks
  • From 501 to 10, 000 sets 3 to 4 months


  • Payment terms is 50% upon order confirmation and 50% upon the delivery settlement payable within 7 days.

Measurement Procedure


The costumer should e-mail to SentoSaSilk following staff information:

Name list

ID No.


The Staff should take their ID as there identification number to SentoSaSilk when measuring.


Design Fabric Sample Quotation

The Staff confirm the measurements by signing the measurement data sheet SentoSaSilk provides. The Staff get one copy of the sheet. The sheet includes also the pick up date.


Pick up Procedure

  • Please pick up the Uniform 14 working days after the measuring.
  • Call our service number 023 21 21 74 before the staff comes.
  • When pick up the stuff should bring the measurement sheet with them.
  • They should try on right away and sign on a pick up sheet (two copies).
  • If there is any problem with the Uniform SentoSaSilk fix it as soon as possible. The costumer should accept 5 working days for fixing.
  • Whenever staff take Uniform parts with them he has to sign and submit the papers to you.

Price range


Average Approximate Pricing(Female/ Male)

 One set includes 1 jacket, 1 Blouse and 1 skirt

Standard quality fabric

  1 set price from 50$ to 85$

Medium quality fabric

  1 set price from 85$ to 105$

High quality fabric

  1 set price from 105$ to 175$