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SentoSaSilk is one of the largest custom-made-dress producers and retailer of silk fabrics in Cambodia. Its retail section is its primary business, with a share of approximately 55% of SentoSaSilk’s chain of businesses. With a variety and collection of high-quality silk and cotton fabrics, SentoSaSilk is confident in its ability to produce and supply major industries in Cambodia with special custom-made uniforms. These industries vary from airlines, banks, hotels and casinos, resorts, hospitals and telecommunication companies to name a few. Its products and retailed silk fabrics have also crossed continents, with exports to Australia, France and the United States. Seng Takakneary was the former-elected president 2011 2015 terms and currently promoted as the Founder and Board Advisor to Cambodian Women Entrepreneur Association (CWEA) Inspired and focused on women business and sustainability, she has helped train the under-privileged in the traditional Khmer forms of silk weaving and tailoring.